Most jackups and other self-elevating units are operated under a single wave height limit, which dictates when the legs may be lowered to make contact with the seabed. While the single wave height limit has proven to be a safe operational limit, the fact that it is a single number means that it must be a conservative value since it has to be valid for any wave period, wave direction or soil condition. While these limits have proven to be safe, they are inherently conservative.

In this 14-page peer-reviewed paper Jackups Going on Location – Understanding Energy Principles on Leg Impact Loads, 3Dent Technology specifically examines and analyzes the transition phase of self-elevating units going from the afloat mode to the elevated mode – commonly referred to as “going on location” (GoL).
3Dent Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean Power Technologies, provides high-level offshore engineering design and consulting services to offshore wind developers, offshore construction companies, drilling contractors, major oil companies, service companies, and engineering firms.

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  • Single wave height limits for jackups that have proven to be safe but are inherently conservative.
  • Industry standards that usually focus solely on the rotation response at the pitch natural period while ignoring the contribution of heave.
  • The importance of understanding downward spudcan velocity (DSV), which accounts for both rotation and heave effects, instead of simply using rotational velocity for determining leg impact loads.
  • The relationship of DSV and impact load and whether this relationship is independent of oscillation amplitude or wave period.

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