Ocean Engineering & Design

OPT Strategic Consulting Services offers a full range of high-level offshore engineering, providing consulting engineering and design services for offshore wind, wave energy, oil and gas, and marine construction and service companies.

Our team of dedicated consultants/designers has expertise in structural engineering, hydrodynamics and naval architecture.

Among our services is a focus on addressing the issues current or would-be owners of offshore floaters, jackups, and liftboats have with their fleet.

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SIMULATION ENGINEERING – Specialization in the simulation of various hydrodynamic and structural applications for the offshore industry. 3Dent is capable of simulating everything from standard to non-standard events using advanced non-linear analyses to help customers fully analyze the risks and expected behavior of their operations.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING – Expertise in the coding of FORTRAN, VBA, C#, and C++ for engineering and offshore applications. 3Dent’s focus covers the development of proprietary software that supports customer operations. Specific software developed by 3Dent includes data processing/visualization and adding robustness/security to existing programs.

CONCEPT DESIGN – Conceptual and basic design for both the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind industries. 3Dent provides structural, hydrodynamic and naval architecture services for shallow water solutions including fixed structures, liftboats, and jackups and a set of solutions for deep and ultra deepwater including semisubmersibles and floating production installations.

MOTIONS MONITORING – Expertise in vessel monitoring for marine operations through the use of an integrated sensor package and proprietary software for real-time feedback on their operations. 3Dent’s experience in vessel monitoring has allowed for the team to verify its simulations and provide customers with increased confidence in their operations.