OPT: Energizing Ocean Intelligence

OPT Ocean Monitoring Solution

Spanish-language video describing Chile’s Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) Open Sea Lab project using OPT’s PB3 PowerBuoy® to provide power and data communications for a seafloor suite of ocean sensors. (Video shared with permission of MERIC www.meric.cl)

OPT Maritime Domain Awareness Solution

OPT Maritime Domain Awareness Solution

OPT Buoy-Based Offshore Surveillance Solution

Meet the OPT hybrid PowerBuoy®

OPT PB3 PowerBuoy® – OPT North Sea PowerBuoy® Deployment

OPT North Sea Project Discussion

OPT PB3 PowerBuoy® – Operating in the North Sea for Premier Oil

 Demonstration of OPT PB3 PowerBuoy® Capabilities

OPT Technology Day – Keith Silverman Interview

 OPT Technology Day – Paul Watson Interview

 OPT PB3 PowerBuoy® – Adriatic Sea Deployment for Eni

 OTC 2018 – Highlights Video

 PB3 Deployment Video

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