Ocean Power Technologies | Safety


Our goal at OPT is to provide a safe and healthy work environment conducive for the manufacturing and deployment of world-class hydrodynamics and renewable energy conversion technology.

We achieve this via: Systemic reduction/elimination of risks/hazards, achieving our occupational health and safety objectives, engaging our workers, and continually improving our system in total conformance with legal and other applicable requirements.

OPT products and solutions are meant for deployment in remote ocean locations, which can be some of the most hazardous and unforgiving waters on Earth.

It is our goal to ensure that no harm come to an employee, partner, or anyone who engages with our equipment, nor to its operational environment or the sea life that calls it home.

We are constantly assessing risk and executing controls to mitigate it through a trained workforce and competent leadership and supervision.

We are proud to be fully committed to fostering a healthy and safe workplace and environment.

OPT is ISO45001 certified for our Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Issued by Bureau Veritas, a respected leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, OPT’s certification follows a rigorous and in-depth audit to ensure compliance with the globally recognized ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard.

The ISO certification demonstrates OPT’s commitment to responsible actions to protect the health and safety of employees, reduce workplace risks, and create safe working conditions by identifying and preventing potential workplace hazards.

OPT is also a registered member of Achilles FPAL, an oil and gas industry verification system that audits Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Competence & Training practices to minimize risk within the supply chain.

BV Certification ISO45001