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Defense and Security

Maritime surveillance, domain awareness, and shoreline border security represent a daunting challenge considering the vast areas to be monitored, weather related access limitations and the considerable amount of manpower required.

Yet, the importance of eliminating illegal activities such as human trafficking, narcotics, and illegal border crossings is ever increasing due to the severe and negative consequences such issues inflict on impacted countries’ economies, security and overall national wellbeing.

Our PowerBuoy offshore power and data platform can support multiple sensors and communications equipment to enable an autonomous approach to monitoring and detection to provide real time data, processing and data transmission capabilities critical to actionable intelligence.

Additional advantages include cost and risk reductions resulting from reduced human intervention, economies of scales.

OPT solutions can extend the capability of existing assets to enable improved maritime security and interdiction.


Enable ocean security cordons for surface and subsurface vessel tracking

Increase mission range and endurance for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) with docking stations for recharging and secure data transfer

Maritime border protection and enforcement

Monitoring of marine protected areas (MPAs) and exclusive economic zones (EEZs)

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Opt wam v defense

Advanced Autonomy for Greater Situational Awareness

WAM-V ASVs can provide the ideal platform for multi-domain (air, sea, and subsea) marine autonomy for a variety of defense and security missions, including maritime domain awareness, high value asset protection, security perimeters, mine counter measures (MCM), anti-submarine missions, and border security.

  • Stable: The inherent stability of the WAM-V platform increases operational efficiency by allowing the entire system to operate in a variety of sea states.
  • Portable: The portability of the WAM-V allows for quick relocation of the entire system by air, sea or ground.
  • Scalable: The scalability of the WAM-V technology means that a common platform can be used across the organization for multiple missions with varying requirements. Multiple WAM-V® ASVs can autonomously work together to provide a security perimeter around high value assets.

Defense and Security
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