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As electrification grows in the offshore oil and gas industry, the need for autonomous and zero- or low-carbon power sources increases, especially as maritime energy exploration activities migrate farther away from the shorelines and into deeper waters.

Oil and gas offshore developments can be situated in some of the most energetic wave climates in the world, giving the industry an opportunity to decarbonize some aspects of operations by deriving renewable energy from the deployment environment.

While offshore oil and gas wells have shown to offer abundant energy supply, severe challenges are associated with the remote and isolated nature of locations.

One such challenge is the supply of electrical power to support offshore activities. Along with the environmental hazards, conventional methods using diesel generators have proven severely insufficient due to reliability, maintenance and refueling costs. The alternative of leveraging umbilical power cables from the shore can be cost prohibitive.

OPT’s renewable ocean-wave based electric power generation technology offers the oil and gas market potential solutions that could drive down project operational costs (OPEX) and capital costs (CAPEX) helping to make current fields that offer low commercial returns more attractive for development.

OPT’s PowerBuoy® platform can support applications including

  • Environmental monitoring for engineering and development
  • Monitoring and control of low power subsea and topside equipment
  • Real-time data analysis of installed equipment performance
  • Innovative survey and fault diagnosis solutions

In each of these cases, an OPT PowerBuoy solution can deliver significant operational and cost benefits while providing operators with increased data analysis of marine operations that can enable enhanced utilization of assets.

OPT technology offer operators the possibility of cost effective, safe, reliable, and persistent power and communication platform with the potential to reduce operational costs and improve overall production performance. Specifically, where development would traditionally require prohibitively high cost power delivery systems, OPT technology can provide an economic solution.

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