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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is a quickly growing focus area for renewable energy supply. Autonomous OPT solutions can provide cost-effective assistance through all phases of site planning and development through to safe and secure operations.


Actionable Intelligence

Utility scale offshore wind energy projects are optimized for efficiency and minimal impact to the environment and marine life, and to other maritime uses including commercial fishing and pleasure boating.

OPT PowerBuoy® and WAM-V® -based solutions can provide actionable intelligence throughout the life cycle of planning and development and continuing through operation to ensure operators can protect the marine environment and permit normal maritime activity while also protecting wind farm infrastructure investment.

OPT solutions can deliver significant operational and cost benefits, providing developers and operators with increased data analysis.

Autonomous hydrographic surveys of targeted development areas

Autonomous 24/7/365 environmental and marine life monitoring

Autonomous 24/7/365 maritime domain awareness (MDA) with radar, high-definition and thermal video, vessel detection

Full picture analysis with integration of third-party sources including satellite, weather, bathymetric, and other data feeds

Offshore Wind Phase Applications

Planning and environmental permitting phase

Metocean and environmental data, mammal tracking

Extended AUV/ROV operations

Design construction installation phase

Wind platform floater design services and mooring analysis

Site surveillance and operations support

Protecting operations

Maritime Domain Awareness Solution to monitor operations and vessel traffic

Motion data analysis for predictive maintenance and safety

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