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Efforts are underway to map the oceans for increased understanding of climate change, ecosystem health, available fish stocks, energy resources, and weather patterns.


OPT's autonomous PowerBuoy® platform is specifically useful for ocean observing needs and can deliver continuous reliable power for instruments, data analysis, telecommunication, and secure data transmission.

In addition to supplying power continuously and persistently, an OPT PowerBuoy solution can:

Enable the integration of sensor payloads

Enable real time data to be collected

Process and transmit to virtually any shore station of interest

Reduce operational and life-cycle costs

Considering the cost associated with refueling and maintaining small diesel generators in remote ocean locations and the limited access due to weather conditions, this approach does not address the persistence, reliability and cost effectiveness needs of these activities. Meanwhile, the life of standalone batteries, and therefore the amount of power available and its duration, is seriously limited. Reliable and persistent power is a crucial need to enable meaningful and cost effective operational duration.

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WAM-V® — or Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel — is an innovative class of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) with an articulating suspension system to minimize structural loading. The result is an ultra-light, modular vessel that can perform in sea conditions where an ordinary boat of similar size could no longer operate.

WAM-V applications include:

  • Marine Surveys - Stable, portable, marine autonomous solutions
  • Defense & Maritime Security - Advanced autonomy for greater situational awareness
  • Marine Robotics – Stable, portable, and versatile unmanned surface vessel
  • Robotics as a Service (RaaS) – Leverage our fleet of robots


  • Short lead time: WAM-V® ASVs can be outfitted in hours
  • Systems Integration: Telemetry can be viewed live as it is collected
  • Full Logistical Support: Delivery, launch, navigation, piloting, recovery
  • Force Multiplier: Multiple WAM-V® ASVs expedite schedules and control costs

OPT's autonomous PowerBuoy® and WAM-V platforms enable powerful ocean observation and deliver continuous, reliable sensor data, analysis, real-time secure data transmission, and reduced operational and life-cycle costs.

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