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Through our Marine Advanced Robotics subsidiary, OPT offers the WAM-V® — or Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel — an innovative class of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) that uses an articulating suspension system to minimize structural loading.

Ultra-light, modular vessel that can perform in sea conditions where an ordinary boat of similar size could no longer operate.

The stability of the WAM-V platform produces consistent sensor data quality in varied sea conditions.

Ideal platform for multi-domain (air, sea, and subsea) marine autonomy for a variety of defense and security missions.

The scalable WAM-V design can be built to match specific applications.

Three sizes of WAM-V ASVs are readily available:

Ultra-portable WAM-V 8
Ideal for applications requiring a small sensor platform that can be easily transported to any location

WAM-V 16
Suited for small to medium marine data collection projects

WAM-V 22
Used for larger marine data collection projects

MARINE SURVEYS – Stable, portable, marine autonomous solutions

The stability of the WAM-V platform produces consistent sensor data quality varied sea conditions. WAM-V® ASVs can be used as force multipliers to existing manned assets or as the sole provider of multi-beam echo sounder (MBES) sonar data in mining pits, harbor channels, shipping channels and coastal fiber optic cable surveys. WAM-V ASVs can also be outfitted with various sensor solutions (fixed or towed) for surveys of marine infrastructure and for berth clearance and dredging, among other applications.

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Opt wam v at sea
Opt wam v defense

DEFENSE & MARITIME SECURITY – Advanced autonomy for greater situational awareness

WAM-V ASVs can provide the ideal platform for multi-domain (air, sea, and subsea) marine autonomy for a variety of defense and security missions, including maritime domain awareness, high value asset protection, security perimeters, mine counter measures (MCM), anti-submarine missions, and border security.

  • Stable: The inherent stability of the WAM-V platform increases operational efficiency by allowing the entire system to operate in a variety of sea states.
  • Portable: The portability of the WAM-V allows for quick relocation of the entire system by air, sea or ground.
  • Scalable: The scalability of the WAM-V technology means that a common platform can be used across the organization for multiple missions with varying requirements. Multiple WAM-V® ASVs can autonomously work together to provide a security perimeter around high value assets.

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MARINE ROBOTICS – Stable, portable, and versatile unmanned surface vessel

Marine Advanced Robotics has a long history of providing WAM-V ASVs in the research and development field for work in advanced autonomy, multi-domain maritime systems, defense and maritime security, and marine infrastructure related applications. Customer projects include the Maritime Robot X Challenge, the Shell Ocean Discovery XPrize, and Autonomous Warrior 2018.

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Opt wam v robotics
Opt wam v raas

ROBOTICS AS A SERVICE (RaaS) – Leverage our fleet of robots

Your organization does not need competence in robotics to gain the advantages. Marine Advanced Robotics engineers partner with your scientific and engineering staff to ensure a match between your project specifications and selected WAM-V ASVs from our fleet. Agile deployment, bespoke functionality, scalable solutions, and project-based function to fit within an operations budget are available to support remote observation, systems delivery, hydrography, oceanography, marine salvage, dredging, habitat study, disaster response, and more.

A long-term lease, or a one-day project. A turn-key solution, or a customized sensor package. Hardware only, or a team of engineers and experts to assist your project. Air freight delivery to anywhere in the world.

  • Short lead time: WAM-V ASVs can be outfitted in hours.
  • Systems Integration: Telemetry can be viewed live as it is collected.
  • Full Logistical Support: Delivery, launch, navigation, piloting, recovery.
  • Force Multiplier: Multiple WAM-V ASVs expedite schedules and control costs.

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