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Subsea Power

An OPT Subsea Power Solution offers autonomous and zero- or low- carbon electricity to subsea and surface applications across a range of power requirements.

With a PB3 PowerBuoy® or hybrid PowerBuoy®, an OPT Subsea Power Solution can provide autonomously generated electrical power in remote offshore areas for applications.

Applications include

  • Charging power and data communications for autonomous undersea vehicles and docking stations
  • Emergency power for inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR)
  • Powering unmanned platforms
  • Wellhead monitoring during oil and gas decommissioning
  • Enabling tiebacks to additional existing oil and gas platforms, removing the need for long umbilicals and additional platforms

Benefits include

  • Persistent, reliable autonomous zero- to low-carbon power to decarbonize traditionally carbon-heavy operations
  • Dedicated data communications facilitating real-time, 24/7 access to remote subsea assets and operations
  • Substantially lower operational risk by negating the need for persistent or intermittent crewed vessels on site for power supply, equipment control, and/or data retrieval

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