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Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime Domain Awareness is the effective understanding of the global maritime domain that impacts security, safety, economy, or the environment; and the ability to generates actionable intelligence from the sea.

Remote, autonomous monitoring anywhere on the globe

An OPT Maritime Domain Awareness Solution can provide remote, autonomous monitoring that enables enforcement of maritime law in dangerous and remote ocean environments to improve safety at sea. Applications include port security, maritime border protection, and illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing protection.

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Labeled MDAS

An integrated suite of components and software

Using an integrated suite of monitoring components and data communications and analysis software, an OPT Maritime Domain Awareness Solution can enable always-on, real-time, unmanned offshore monitoring capabilities, including:

  • Monitoring offshore assets and marine protected areas
  • Tracking vessels approaching user-defined areas, including “dark” vessels with identification systems turned off
  • Receiving real-time data and alerts at onshore and/or marine operations
  • Sending alerts and instructions to trespassing vessels
  • Recording evidence of incursions for prosecution

    Marinized surveillance equipment includes:
  • High-definition and thermal imaging video camera
  • High-power radar
  • Automatic identification system (AIS) transponder
  • Customized solutions can include topside or subsea sensors

Power in numbers

A network of multiple OPT Maritime Domain Awareness Solution -equipped PowerBuoys® can monitor significant areas and integrate with AIS satellite data to provide all-weather monitoring and actionable intelligence to enforce territorial borders and marine protected areas.

Benefits of an OPT Maritime Surveillance Solution include:

  • 24/7/365 unmanned offshore monitoring
  • Reduced weather- and marine conditions-related downtime vs. traditional crewed solutions
  • Reduced vessel and personnel costs vs. traditional manned solutions
  • Reduced carbon footprint vs. traditional manned solutions
  • Reduced risk and improved safety vs. traditional manned solutions
PB3 Array

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