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Ocean Monitoring

Ocean Monitoring is the collection of metocean data above and below the surface to support biodiversity initiatives, conservation, offshore industries, and governments.

An OPT Ocean Monitoring Solution consists of a customized suite of topside and subsea sensors tailored to customer needs for a range of applications.

Suitable applications include mammal / fish tracking, subsea vessel detection, ocean analysis, environmental monitoring, and more.

Depending on the location, length of mission, and other factors, an Ocean Monitoring Solution can be deployed with a PB3 PowerBuoy® or a hybrid PowerBuoy® to provide autonomous power and enable real-time 24/7 data communications.

An OPT Ocean Monitoring Solution developed for deployment in South American waters off the coast of Chile consists of a PB3 PowerBuoy® configured with an undersea power and communications umbilical data cable, connected to an acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) to capture full wave spectrums in combination with current profiles.

Additionally, a suite of sea condition sensors in the water column is capable of measuring water temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and chlorophyll-a. Sensor input is collected via an onboard data acquisition system that packages the data for delivery to a shore station equipped with a wave radar sensor.

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