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April 2020

[Infographic] OPT’s PowerBuoy® as an Offshore Carbon Cutting Solution

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Ocean Power Technologies PowerBuoy® autonomous solutions offer substantial advantages in many applications, from reliable power and 24/7 data communications to substantially lower personnel risk. Outside of enabling offshore operational functions, a sizeable advantage of a PowerBuoy® system is the displacement of carbon emissions from fossil fuels that are common to marine operations.

In simplest terms, a PB3 PowerBuoy® converts wave energy into electrical energy and stores it in onboard batteries for use in powering onboard or subsea equipment – all with zero carbon emissions produced during operation. As an offshore power and communications platform, the PB3 PowerBuoy® is an environmentally sustainable asset.

Fossil fuel burning resident vessels or regular vessel visits to a site, on the other hand, can create substantial carbon emissions. With the effects of climate change increasingly evident, it falls on all industries to seek more environmentally sound means of operation.

As the infographic below shows, use of a single PB3 PowerBuoy® can directly displace about four tonnes of carbon annually, or the equivalent of removing two cars from the road. But by removing 10 vessel days related to data/asset retrieval, recharging, mission updates, maintenance or other site needs, the indirect displacement of an installed PB3 PowerBuoy® can offset more than 305 tonnes of annual carbon emissions, or the equivalent of the removal of more than 125 cars from the road.

Check out the details in the Displacing Carbon with a PB3 PowerBuoy® Solution infographic below.

Click here to find out more about the PB3 PowerBuoy® and reach out to our team at info@oceanpowertech.com to find out how an OPT PowerBuoy® solution can help you meet your offshore challenges while cutting carbon emissions from your operations.

Infographic - Displacing Carbon with a PB3 PowerBuoy Solution