Ocean Power Technologies | OPT and Sulmara Align on WAM-V Development…
June 2022

OPT and Sulmara Align on WAM-V Development Opportunities

2022 06 Sulmara Social Media Quote

Ocean Power Technologies, a leader in innovative and cost-effective low-carbon marine data, power, and consulting service solutions, and Sulmara Subsea – a global provider of innovative survey and inspection services to the offshore energy sector – have agreed to partner to develop advanced uses for OPT’s WAM-V® autonomous surface vehicles.

The companies have executed a long-term master service agreement to facilitate Sulmara's leasing of WAM-Vs, which are designed and produced by OPT subsidiary Marine Advanced Robotics. In addition to leases for WAM-V systems, the agreement also formalizes joint development opportunities, utilizing each company's expertise to advance technological and operational developments and other collaboration projects.

"Sulmara is an incredible partner for OPT with its experience and expertise in operating remote vehicles in the offshore energy survey segment," said Philipp Stratmann, OPT President and CEO. "Together, we can expand the many applications of our WAM-Vs and create innovative solutions that will open up new use cases for a growing customer base."

"We assessed a number of shallow-water capable USV platforms in our continued drive for project efficiency via low carbon technology," said Kevin McBarron, Sulmara Subsea CEO. "Our USV team were very impressed with the robustness and versatility of the WAM-V system. It's great news to finally formalize our collaborative relationship with OPT; exciting times ahead for us both."

The WAM-V, short for "Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel," has a flexible structure that adapts and conforms to the water's surface for an exceptionally smooth and level platform. In addition, inflatable pontoons help absorb motion and force, while hinged engine pods keep propellers in the water and further improve vehicle stability and controllability. OPT and Marine Advanced Robotics offer three models of this exceptionally maneuverable and stable vessel with numerous applications across various industry sectors – the ultra-portable WAM-V 8, the WAM-V 16, and the powerful WAM-V 22.

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