Ocean Power Technologies | Remembering Our Oceans on Earth Day
April 2022

Remembering Our Oceans on Earth Day

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In recent years, the fragility of the Earth that we call home has come into sharper focus. Headlines abound about spikes in extreme weather and the damage carbon emissions cause to fragile ecosystems. Increasingly the news has highlighted the human damage that has been done to our oceans in terms of rapidly warming seas, overfishing, and pollution among other threats.

Each year Earth Day celebrations serve to remind us of the importance of a healthy planet. We at OPT want to urge everyone to remember that oceans cover the majority of the globe and that the health of our waters is paramount to health of our Earth.

In the sustainability statement on our website, we state “OPT’s focus is on delivering products and solutions geared towards marine data, power, and services, with an emphasis on sustainability, protection of our ocean resources, and being a key contributor towards improving the Blue Economy.” We live this every day in working with our customers and partners to further the understanding of our oceans and to help safeguard the resources that are vital to every being on the planet.

On this Earth Day and every day, please remember our oceans and continue to do everything in your power – from recycling and conservation efforts to sustainable seafood choices and supporting robust protection of marine resources – to ensure that our oceans can continue to provide for generations to come.


Philipp Stratmann
OPT President & CEO