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February 2020

The Ocean Power Technologies Hybrid PowerBuoy® Is Coming!

Ocean power technologies prototype hybrid powerbuoy 1

Easily Deployed, Dual Powered Solution Prototyping Underway

The prototype for our newest product, the hybrid PowerBuoy®, is in production at its New Jersey facility.

The hybrid PowerBuoy will offer customers remote power for subsea and topside applications, reliable data communications, and a nominal 1.5-megawatt hours of energy storage. Solar charging of on-board battery power with a clean-fueled Stirling engine backup makes the hybrid PowerBuoy a low- to zero-carbon power solution, adding flexibility to the sea power options that OPT can offer in conjunction with its ocean-proven flagship product, the PB3 PowerBuoy®.

The hybrid PowerBuoy’s hull design, compact size, and single-point mooring will facilitate cost-effective rapid deployment anywhere in the world and in a very broad range of sea states. Applications include monitoring, surveillance, subsea charging and connectivity for offshore industries including oil and gas, science and research, aquaculture, and telecommunications.

Discussions are underway with prospective launch customers in advance of open water testing of the hybrid PowerBuoy planned for this spring. “Our team designed this product to meet the offshore power needs expressed by numerous potential customers,” said George Kirby, OPT President and Chief Executive Officer. “The hybrid PowerBuoy provides us with additional flexibility in designing cost-effective power and communications solutions for locations around the world.”

“All of our customers are focused on reducing greenhouse gasses,” Kirby added. “Offering a solution that incorporates primarily solar with propane-fueled backup power further reduces our customers’ carbon footprint. The discussions we’ve been having with customers throughout development have shown real anticipation for the capabilities of the hybrid PowerBuoy."